Achieving pae ora

Pae ora means healthy futures. We are working to make sure our health system helps all New Zealanders to live longer in good health and have the best possible quality of life.

We know a lot of people don’t get the care they need when and where they need it.

We also know that a lot of people are left out or left behind in our health system.

We know that needs to change.

Work is already underway. We’ve made big changes to our health system and we know there's more we need to do to improve things.

The ideas you share here will help achieve pae ora for all of us.

Kōrero mai | Have your say

We are interested in anything you’d like to tell us about what could make your health and wellbeing or the health and wellbeing of your family and community better.

You can talk about yourself, your whānau or your community here.

Some ideas you can talk to us about are:

  • What does good health and wellbeing look like?
  • What kinds of things help you feel or be well and healthy?
  • What makes it hard or gets in the way of you feeling or being well and healthy?

You can also talk to us about your ideas for the future.

Some ideas you can talk to us about are:

  • What do you think our tamariki and mokopuna will need to feel or be well and healthy in the future?
  • What could we do now to make sure our tamariki and mokopuna will feel or be well and healthy in the future? 

You can also look through other ideas and comment and support them.

Me pēhea te hono mai | How to take part

  • You first need to register to add an idea or comment
  • Start by taking a look at existing ideas – you can order by those with the highest rating or most comments
  • You can also use the search and filter tools to find specific topics
  • If you have a new idea that isn’t already on the site, click Add Idea to submit it
  • If you see an idea you could add to, or want to comment on, simply click on it to open the thread and add your comment.

If you have any questions or problems using the site, please contact

Ka ahatia ā muri i taku pōhi? | What happens after I post?

  • Ideas and comments will be published as soon as you've posted. We’re moderating daily during the week from 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • We will remove any comments or ideas that don’t meet our moderation policy
  • Posts that duplicate existing ideas will be locked to keep the conversation in one place
  • Please note we can’t always reply to posts or answer questions
  • Any submission you make becomes public information
  • Please read through our privacy policy to understand how the Ministry will use and protect your information.