Reduce GP wait times

People should be able to receive medical care in a timely fashion, yet often are told they can't get an appt for weeks, and thats IF they can even get through to the Reception as often there are automated messages or phone lines are turned to answer phone. They are also told they cannot book in advance and to call back at 8am in the morning - this makes NO sense as then multiple people are calling at the same time. This is not good enough and something needs to be put in place to make this a smoother process, you SHOULD be able to book in advance when you phone a medical centre, especially for your regular medications and the receptionists should alternate breaks so there is no gap in answering the phones. 

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As a Pharmacy Technician, we often have queries regarding mistakes GPs have made on RXs, yet it can take DAYS to get through and address this leaving the Pt waiting for answers, sometimes we call and leave a message for the GP to contact us and they simply forget to then are off the next day causing more delays, we hear the pts complaints about how long it takes to get in to see a GP, that there is no consistency in who they see anymore so they get different advice from different GPs meaning more changes in medications only to have the next GP change them back, this is unsettling for Pts, we have late prescriptions for Foilpacks as the Pt couldn't make an appt even though they have given 2weeks notice, this then causes pressure at our end with dispensing and brings major disruptions to our own work flow. My own son could not register with a new GP when he shifted towns and then when he injured his wrist his own GP also wouldn't see him despite needing x-rays and medical treatment, he then had to pay large dollars to the urgent drs, this really isn't good enough, yet that same day I knew through my job that the same medical centre that rejected him managed to find an appt for an unregistered person from Australia and as I dispensed the medication it was non urgent unlike my son's issue. I do not think it's appropriate for reception staff to make the call on who gets in and who doesn't as they do not have the medical skills for this and often over step their scope. Therefore I think we need to streamline how people make appts so that they can be seen promptly without having to compete for appts.

by Kursti on April 22, 2023 at 04:28PM

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  • Posted by SharpGlo April 23, 2023 at 10:17

    I have been very unwell since last August 22. I was given an endoscopy and found a med hiatal hernia. Then I,paid for an ultrasound. Then I was given, virtually the same ultra sound. Between these I tried to get seen at Thames hospital. Was scolded by an american Dr that I had come without doctors referral. It is 4 weeks each time to get back into a dr. I am living in pain which is relaxed when I lie down. Therefore I spend most of my life in bed. I have written to the referral at Waikato hospital but not received a reply. The person I charge of email said I am on a semi-urgent list, three months, no date yet. I really need a cat or mri of my right liver down side. I have aged 10 years and lost I kilos, not complaining about that. Drs, nurse or office manager done get back to me. I have made yet another dr appointment to find out what’s going on. I feel they do not worry if I die. This all needs fixing. There is one doctor at my medical centre, mrs iversen, who shouldn’t be in the profession. Done nil for my problem.,has no empathy or compassion at all and I read a lie she made in the letter to the hospital saying I blamed her for not doing something for me. Only lucky I have another now.
  • Posted by Danielleaj April 23, 2023 at 22:43

    I went to go book a gp, and I had to wait 14 days. I needed an iron transfusion, left it too long so I had to see a gp first and had run out of my iron tablets. So i had to then purchas medicine from the chemist in the mean time, otherwise sending a script is an extra $25 while my medicine is $12. My doctors is not offering walk in appointments at all currently as they are understaffed. In 2 years I have mow had 3 GPS as they have moved on. It's a stressful job, but I heard both moved to oz. NZ pay is not competitive. It's causing patients to suffer.
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