Add influenza vaccine to the National Immunisation Schedule

With irregular weather patterns and increasing international travel, it would be wise to consider adding the seasonal influenza vaccine to the NZ National Immunisation Schedule.

Should be able to vaccinate earlier than the official campaign start date of 1st of April.

'Really urgent': Expert urges vaccination as flu season starts early

Why the contribution is important

- reduce cost barrier to those who are currently not eligible for funding

- reduce hospital admission, especially in the ED ward during peak flu season

- increase workforce productivity, fewer sick days and reduce covid like symptoms

It makes you wonder, how many flu vaccines are not being used every year and have expired/returned?

It is still a free choice to vaccinate or not but cost should not be a barrier to save lives!

Let us keep the positive movement in preventive healthcare and be the Guardians of the Future!

by chris on April 25, 2023 at 11:37PM

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