Fix the AnE at Waikato

1.  Pay AnE staff more to be there

2. Sort presenting patients into 3-4 groups and those patients get seen due to their criteria and pain level.

3.  Maori men are more vulnerable to discrimination at AnE than white women when it comes to being seen. Stop the discrimination 

4. Make it more comfortable in AnE

5. In a waiting line at home.  Design an AnE app to self assess, Check ups every hour. to assess criteria and pain level. Come in an hour b4 being seen and appointment time.  Patients can come in/present any time. 

Why the contribution is important

AnE is a horror story to sit through

Waiting times as long as 8 hours is usual

People are suffering in line

People walk out and go home without being seen because they can't wait. 

by Hiria on April 17, 2023 at 06:01AM

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  • Posted by Regstar April 23, 2023 at 08:22

    If GPS in clinics not at hospital but in the community were available without financial barriers, and they were actually open and had staff present then A & E at Waikato could look very different.
    Waikato over the last week has been at breaking point.
    A family member got through to ED and then waited there for 48 hours before a ward bed became available.
    Govt funding needs to be increased to where these problems do not exist except on rare occasions.
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