Invest in research and training for paedetricians and specialists

Te Whatu Ora should not only prioritize pēpi and tamariki, but also ensure there is adequate research and training to support paedetricians when they encounter families whose child suffers from pain.

It's frustrating that medical professionals can be empathetic and say they're sorry but put little action behind their words. More needs to be done in this field to ensure pēpi and tamariki can have access to adequate and prioritised Healthcare in Aotearoa so they can develop and thrive. This also includes reducing the wait time for crucial testing such as an MRI or genetic testing. 


Why the contribution is important

Research shows the first three years of a child's life is fundamental to their development, yet our experience through the Healthcare system makes us feel like we've wasted the first 6 months telling medical professionals our child is unwell and getting nowhere. 

As a new parent, navigating the Healthcare system with a baby who suffers from chronic and acute pain has been incredibly frustrating and upsetting. It's appauling how easy it is for Doctors to dismiss your concerns or allow you to fall through the cracks. The wait time to access significant testing needs to change. We have waited 3 months for an MRI and will be waiting another 7 months for genetic testing. This is frankly unacceptable when this is their most crucial time to develop. The Healthcare system is failing pēpi, tamariki, their whānau and wider society by allowing these shortcomings to exist. 

I never want another family to feel or be treated the same way we have. 

by lewfion on April 27, 2023 at 07:17PM

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