Cost Of Living


Why the contribution is important

Due to the increase in food prices, GP visits or other necessities ; The majority of people in New Zealand are on strict budgets that only just get them by pay check to pay check. This results in family's skipping some meals or eating "cheap food". We all know that the cheap food isn't good for us to live off, however that's all we can afford. (It's better to eat something than nothing right?)

yes we may get a pay rise at work, but it doesn't change anything when the cost of living goes up.

It's important to myself, my whanāuā and many other kiwis around New Zealand as we could all be living a better life. 


If the cost of living reduces we will have the opportunity to eat healthier and fuel our bodies with nutrients.

Buying nutrious food to fuel our bodies will impact one's mood. If we are eating more nutritious food that helps with our emotional health, we are all going to be in a slightly better headspace. This will help health care professionals as there will be a decrease in mental health admissions in the emergency room (this will take time), another pro to this idea is people's physical health will start to improve. 

Come On NZ!!!

by Jasminenicol20 on April 25, 2023 at 04:29AM

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