A 15 mins city

The 20 Minute City concept supports people living in urban centres such as cities to access esstential services within 20 minutes via mico-mobility, walking, cycling and public transport and/or community transport - travel modes. The modes have  less impact on the environment, and health co-benefits e.g. increase in levels of physical activity for users of these travel modes. 

Why the contribution is important

The 20 Minute City concept has economic, health/wellbeing, social and environmental benefits.University of  Waikato (2021) research findings identify that the top three amendities people most want to access in urban cetres are: recreationsal areas/parks, Neighbourhood shops/services  and education centres. The research findings identfied that 20 mins was about right for people's preferred maximum travel time.

Findings also indicated that younger and older peole are willing to walk for longer that other age groups - both groups are ciritical given population group priorities for health and demand pressures on our health system.

Finally, the relative level of invetsment needed for infrastructure and services for these travel modes (micro-mobility, walking, cycling and public and/or community transport) is substantively smaller than the level of investment needed to build and maintain roading infrastructure. There are also clear equity benefits given the relative cost of these travel modes for users. Safety is a consideration (re injury or death) as it is for all travel modes. However, this risk can be managed with the provision of safe, separated infrastructure and paths, etc.

The concept of the 20 minute city can I think equally be applied to rural towns which contain essential services and other amennities and would benefit phycical and mental health and social wellbeing in such communities.

by MortonG on March 06, 2023 at 10:16AM

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  • Posted by Bthornley March 06, 2023 at 17:20

    This is crucial. Climate change is upon us and we are still too reliant on cars. I live in Christchurch and attempted to take my local bus to work instead of driving as the bus stops right outside my house. instead of driving for 15mins, my option was to catch a bus and then walk for 20mins or catch two buses that took me over an hour. If I missed a bus the next one is 30mins away so I would turn back home to get my car out.
  • Posted by AngryofEketahuna March 15, 2023 at 17:55

    I really don't like this idea, I don't want to live in such highly controlled and designed locales. Sounds like Stepford! That doesn't mean I am against sensible and usable public transport-I most definitely am.
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