Too little, too late.....

Too little, too late is how I currently feel about the Health system changes. Even if something does change for the better it will be too late for me --the damage is done.  Over 20 years of several chronic deteriorating health problems, some of which should have been ACC but bullying kept me from pursuing that.  I have mostly only made a gain or progressed when I have thought of, tested, adjusted, instituted and financed that gain by myself. From being a strong minded, self  motivated individual I have become fearful, doubtful and cynical about NZ's Health system. I now avoid contact and interaction as much as possible ---I probably would not even call an ambulance anymore after spending hours in the blazing heat waiting last time I fell.

Things that have worn me down over time are: not being listened to, not being talked to like an adult,  long delays & wait times especially for community support, feeling like people want me to fit a certain box, lack of choices and apparent lack of interest from staff who feel overloaded and underappreciated..I have never ever spoken up about things like cultural inappropriateness (there has been plenty) simply because even the basics like pain  control, hydration, comfortable positioning have been neglected, and seldom remedied except by discharging myself and going home.

Why the contribution is important

You have to acknowledge how bad things are before you plan anything or it will become a farce --like band aiding a broken limb.

So I have two suggestions

1: You need rigorous feedback from people using the system  regularly to make sure goals are being met  ---this checks quality control and verifies  reporting so you know if your managers seeing the reality. For this you may need a communication department.

2.: Prioritise some repairs before changes --fix your staff morale, budget more for community support --we have an aging population and a growing problem of senior care for those that do not have the income to pay for private retirement living situations. There seem to be many who like me once earned well but after years in the broken and fragmented system are now financially and emotionally bereft.

by Suze on March 08, 2023 at 04:24PM

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  • Posted by rmkaire March 10, 2023 at 03:40

    If it doesn’t start now then in 20 years someone else will be saying too little too late. These changes may not gelp us in the here and now but they will hopefully stop anyone else from going through this in the future
  • Posted by gillmer April 15, 2023 at 14:13

    Coming from a 3rd world country I must say I was shocked at how bad the NZ health support is. Maybe not so much once you are at a serious stage already, but the lack of skilled first line doctors. If better care is provided in the beginning less cost will be seen later on. I do think allowing GP doctors to send people for specialist scans and consultations will help stop situations where people diagnoses are nit correct early on. Example if cancer is caught earlier it will save lots of lives and cost to NZ if it is hanled and cured ealy on compared to operations and higher costs and not to mention trauma for the people later on.
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