Women are not just a reproductive organ

While the reproductive system does need to be considered when a female presents with abdominal pain, it should not become the only investigation. Our daughter had abdominal pain from a very young age. Even at age 4, it was suggested she may be having early 'growing pains'. As she got older and was able to communicate with more effect, it was clear the pain was always right sided flank pain. The causes were put down as abdominal migrains, anxiety, pre puberty, puberty, ovarian pain, growing pains. At around the age of 14, a gp finally decided she should have an ultrasound (to check ovaries) and it was found she had a blocked ureter and her kidney was twice the size it should be due to the ongoing pressure. She has since had 2 surgeries to correct this, but still has ongoing pain from the permanently enlarged kidney.

When you compare this to our son, who also had an episode of flank pain, he was seen immediately in hospital and had surgery within 3 days for the same condition. And even though doctors were aware of our sons diagnosis they still insisted our daughter would not have the same problem as it isn't hereditory.


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Women have illnesses unrelated to their reproductive organs.

by LDH on March 14, 2023 at 06:34PM

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