What makes a good Health Service.

•Number One is:

We have to pay more TAX to fund the Health Service. 

The system MUST be fairer between the North and South Island.

The Health Service must become non-political, similar to the  Superannuation System. If this were the situation there would be a lot less wastage of money when there is a change of government.

•We need more health care personal (more feet on the ground) and that means: doctors, nurses, midwives and allied medical staff.

•A lot less middle management staff that have no direct contact with the public within the Health Service.

•More money into  Primary Health Care and education.


Why the contribution is important

My suggestions are very important, as it brings out Health Service back to the BASICS of Health Care.

Also there will be more money invested into the system to support the work of of all Health Staff.

by shirleyanngoodmanyoung on April 22, 2023 at 09:19AM

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