Transing children

According to Posie Parker the rate of transing children in NZ is eleven times that of Britain.

Maybe we should rethink our treatment of children with body dysphoria as it does appear disproportionate. 


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The Tavistock clinic in Briatin was helping children to change their sex and is now closed and dealing with multiple law suits because as the children got older they changed their minds.

Not only is it a concern for children to make life time decisions while very young... later in life after transing there are vulnerable to a very high suicide rate.

The current fashion for changing gender is being artificially fueled by peogrammes in some schools which encourage very young children to identify with a coloured flag representing gender. Heterosexuals are designated a white flag which naturally children refuse as it does not make them interesting.

Our hospitals need to be very cautious.


by health on April 23, 2023 at 02:33PM

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  • Posted by Gravey April 24, 2023 at 08:18

    Disgusting transphobic idea.

    Children socially transition. They will be prescribed puberty blockers to help them with their identity. These can be withdrawn and cis puberty can resume.

    If NZ has eleven times the child “transitioning” compared to the UK, then the UK needs to rethink its practices.
  • Posted by KBarnsley_Admin April 26, 2023 at 09:30

    Many children do not conform to their culture’s expectations for boys or girls. Most of these children are comfortable with the sex they were assigned at birth, although some are not. Occasionally children persistently assert themselves as a gender different from the sex assigned at birth. Transgender children are usually insistent, consistent and persistent in their gender identity and may exhibit distress or discomfort with their physical body. For gender-expansive children, including those who may identify as transgender, no medical intervention is needed pre-puberty. However people may want to talk to a paediatrician, mental health professional or parent support group to work out how to best support their child or family member. This is particularly important if there is associated distress related to gender identity. For more information visit the Te Whatu Ora website:[…]/
  • Posted by olivertay18 April 26, 2023 at 13:23

    Very hot take.
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