Support for parents and children with health problems

Set up a support network for parents of children who are admitted regularly to hospital. Support parents in the search for a diagnosis. Especially if the road to diagnosis is very long. 

Support mothers of children with health problems. This is an area in which support is completely lacking.

Make sure that the health system is up to scratch. That children from all over NZ can excess the great health care that is available in Starship. Without the parent havin to battle to be able to be seen by those experts qith their child.


Give support to the families as well as the other children in the family are also burdened because of the health problems


Give mental health support to parents andnchildren alike for families who struggle with health problems

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I have traveled this road with our son. It has been appalling and bad for my mental and physical health. You constantly have to check that referrals have been made, because they get lost so often.

Wether you are coping or not coping there is no one checking in, or taking the time to explain what is going on. Or they promise they will get you help, but nothing happens.




by meme on March 22, 2023 at 08:30AM

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  • Posted by raewyn March 26, 2023 at 10:07

    This is so needed. I have not had to seek support for this myself, but I have seen others struggle greatly. Especially when you are rural and have to travel and be away from your family for a long stretch of time. The struggle is very real.
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