Responsive family harm screening during health consultations

Practitioners to incorporate better screening for family domestic violence and have a responsive, educated approach when it is identified. Better screening for traumatic brain injury as a result from repetitive physical injuries and/or recurrent non fatal strangulation.

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Better screening and appropriate responses lead to better outcomes and support for men, women and children who may be experiencing family and/or domestic violence in their lives. Faster responses needed to engage victims with the appropriate agencies for support and more advanced health screening for non accidental injuries and long term supports needed for physical and mental injuries.

by Bronwyn94 on January 23, 2023 at 10:24AM

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  • Posted by pgulliver February 28, 2023 at 14:11

    Completely agree that screening is important, but also is the need to be open to disclosures when they occur in an unprompted manner, as is the need to provide effective support in response to identifying experiences of intimate partner violence or other forms of family violence. Violence is a health issue - there are significant, long-term health outcomes that result from experiences of violence. This goes beyond viewing family violence as a precursor to other health issues, to also understand how experiences of violence may co-exist with other health issues, and how the stress of health concerns can exacerbate violence experience. Being responsive to reported disclosures of family violence also requires the health service to consider the environments in which health services are provided, and whether these are conducive to disclosures or if the time-limited, transactional nature of encounters is a barrier.
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