Recognize EHLERS DANLOS as a disability

More care needs to be met for people with EHLERS DANLOS especially hypermobile EHLERS DANLOS. When we have an accident it can take longer for us to heal, so mobility aids and quick action with physio's are needed immediately to prevent neurological problems like complex regional pain syndromes. Having all doctors and nurses learn more awareness and learn about the disability! So we are not being treated with disrespect and are believed. Having a connective tissue disorder is no joke. Also to make sure that ALL EHLERS DANLOS TYPES ARE ATTENDED TO! Not just vascular 

Why the contribution is important

Better health improvement and mobility outcomes, that would come with doctors And nurses learning about the EHLERS DANLOS population and how to recognize it in others that have not been diagnosed. 


by brenapotions on April 24, 2023 at 01:03PM

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