Radiologists actually report all findings

Radiologists should report ALL findings in a x-ray MRI CT scan ultrasound etc not just the initial check for a fracture. (I've have multiple scans mris and just recently a CT scan and NO radiologists bothered to even report that I have foreign objects left in my hand from 12years ago.)

Nor did they report on arthritis problems

Reporting these in the notes can help save people's mobility and pain. Instead of looking at radiographs for 2 seconds spend 30-60 seconds to actually look for problems to report to the patient why they may be in pain or what could be contributing.

As most health professionals cannot read the x-rays if it's done through public so rely on radiologists notes.

Why the contribution is important

It would help save people's MOBILITY and PAIN, it could also help the patient have a treatment plan going ahead if there is arthritis, or if surgery is needed.

by brenapotions on April 24, 2023 at 12:53PM

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