Primary Healthcare access and costs

GP visits are still exorbitantly expensive. 

Even as an over 65 I'm still paying $67 dollars per 15 min visit plus $30 for  repeat prescriptions. 

Provide latbtesting services to GP practices. 

Expecting people to have medical insurance is no longer good enough. Most of us don't.

Free training for all nurses and Dr's. The only way to attract the best. Pay top salaries.

Bring the waiting lists to an end by making specialists commit to the public health system and stop the waiting list problem in its tracks. 

I'd Dr's want to practice privately, they go private completely and stop using the public health system to build their reputational and harvest paying clients and money from the public system. It's the elephant in the room and Dr's need to front up to their own contribution to the waiting list and to their dedicated public health system colleagues burn out. 


Why the contribution is important

Funding primary Healthcare to the absolute maximum is the best preventative medicine there is. It saves in the longterm.. 

That means paying for the best practice nurses. 

Providing counsellors to each practice. Even on a part time basis. 

Stopping the double dipping by specialists on the taxpayer and public health system will reduce waiting lists and build best practuce and prevent burnout on long-suffering colleagues. Greed always has a price. 

by Marjoriemac on April 15, 2023 at 09:08AM

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