PCOS/endometriosis training for all levels of healthcare

About 10% of women have issues with PCOS or Endometriosis.

As a community nurse I get a lot of people wanting to know what PCOS/Endometriosis is and what it means for them. There are lifestyle issues and certain medication that can help greatly but a lot of the time a person with either or both issues are prescribed a contraception pill and told not to come back till they want to have kids or told they will never be able to have children and thats that. As well as being told their symptoms are just a normal female thing.

Why the contribution is important

A lot of health professional but PCOS and Endometriosis in the "to hard basket". I have even heard some health professional say the patient is just drug seeking, making it up or saying they just need to see a counselor. 

Having the correct training /available training could help increase a health professionals knowledge and be able to treat the person at a primary health level instead of sending them off to s a specialist or just disregarding them all together 

by Savery on March 16, 2023 at 08:49PM

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