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Staffing levels and professional management of staff in hospitals.

If staffing levels are inadequate this overloads staff and leads to greater stress, illness and turnover which in turn creates a vicious circle of loss,  and makes it harder to manage staff.

Poor management and not letting  health workers know what their shifts are or denying them leave results in them taking sick leave instead which in turn means that it overloads staff when they are off.... vicious circle.

If there are adequate staff levels everyone can cover leave and absences without stress. Poorly skilled and aging managers do not have the skills to get on top of this and are left chasing their tails due to high turnover of staff in their (wards)

Why the contribution is important

Poor staffing levels in wards results in poor Healthcare and  risks lives 

by Mnbvccz on April 21, 2023 at 01:39PM

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