Menstruation/Endometriosis Health Education for young women

That girls from a young age recieve the information they need, from a trusted health professional, on menstruation. This approach must include raising awareness of endometriosis. It is important young women  have an opportunity to discuss what period discomfort feels like so they can assess what is normal for them and know where to go to for support when things change and are no longer 'feel normal'.  

Note: Equally important is developing clinical awareness and treatment options but this particular idea is focused on supporting young women develop agency over their bodies so they know when and how to reach out for support. 


Why the contribution is important

We have a health system under pressure, we only have to look at our clogged Eds to see that stress. Our health system is also very slow to diagnose endometriosis, a disease experienced by women. 

I am someone who suffered with undiagosed endometriosis for 6 years before self-funding treatment. I spent a lot of time in ED with acute pain. I recieved very little support from primary care on how to manage that pain, or access appropriate pain medication for the level of discomfort I was in. I also struggled to get past assumptions it was normal for my age to be in discomfort due to menstruation, so access to specialist support was slow.

Building agency over your own body and being able to advocate for yourself comes through education and awarenss. Understanding what is normal for 'your body' and being able to discuss pain management options early is one way to alleiviate pressure on the system. 

 Acute pain management is so much more than drugs and there are lots of options to support women plan for managing acute pain. 

by gbareta on March 03, 2023 at 12:02PM

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  • Posted by health April 22, 2023 at 20:06

    One young doctor recommended exercise and increase magnesium intake. Also less constricting clothes. Endo can be treated with diet and exercise
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