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I am now on hrt, what a life changer!  But the issue with Patch supply is a worry for me!  Can we please have other forms on HRT available in New Zealand,  gels etc.  it's needed now! 

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Please have other forms of HRT available to women,  the shortage of patches is a great worry for those who need HRT.  

by Shaydon on March 05, 2023 at 03:13PM

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  • Posted by Melva March 05, 2023 at 17:46

    Please ensure the continual easy resupply of these patches. The stress of never knowing if your life is going to fall down around your ears due to the unavailability of this important medication is horrendous.
    Buy more and stockpile this stock to ensure regularity of supply, especially as more of your population becomes educated as to the long-term health benefits for their bodies, mental health and possibly even Alzheimers risk. Your community needs will only increase as women do the job of educating your GPs for you.
    Find more ways to make testosterone available and funded for women. One pharmacy importing on behalf of all NZ women in a developed country is simply ridiculous and more than a little embarrassing for our health system.
  • Posted by Kiera82 March 14, 2023 at 01:12

    Yes, all types of hormones need to be funded and in all the different ways you can take it (patches, pills, creams, injections, implants etc), very important for everyone no matter if cisgender or transgender
  • Posted by EmJ March 14, 2023 at 08:10

    I absolutely agree. You can Google and sign this petition: "Fund more options for the safest form of estrogen". It was launched in January 2023. To this day, it has reached 3746 names.

    "This petition is urging Pharmac to avoid another decade of delay and give New Zealand women fully funded access to more options for the safest form of estrogen."
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