Helping Mesh Injured

The Legislation need to be changed  so that the health department and acc have a responsability to help mesh injured women get the best possible care which means there are   no surgeons in new zealand can repair the damage which has been done to us therefor we have to go outside of our country seeking surgeons  with the appropriate skills  but the legislation prevents acc or the health department paying for said treatment  so then its left to the mesh injured person to fundraise this is neither right or fair  we have been injured through no fault of our own  scotland are now paying for there mesh injured to go to america to get mesh removed and there bodies repaired why cant our government do that for us 

Why the contribution is important

Because most of us mesh injured  were not properly consented and we all deserve  the right and treatment to give us back our lives especially ones like me severly mesh injured but all of us need decent treatment by skilled surgeons and i dont mean being sent back to the surgeons that harmed us in the first place

by fedup on December 23, 2022 at 07:19AM

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