Free (eco-friendly) menstrual products for women/girls with low/no income

Free (eco-friendly) menstrual products for women/girls/families with low/no income

Why the contribution is important

- (most) women menstruate from the age of 10 -17 up to around 40 - 55 years of age

- menstrual products do not only consist of pads, tampons etc., but also pain medication, supplements such as iron (in case a women experiences heavy periods)

- cost of living is high in NZ

- not being able to afford menstrual products decreases quality of life and well being of women/girls (pain, discomfort, shame, stress)

- eco friendly products (such as biodegradable pads) mean less landfill, cheap products contain more plastic and chemicals which take a 100+ years to degrade


To summarize; this idea can have a great impact on the quality of life of many women and also have a positive impact on the environment :)

by Nan on February 08, 2023 at 09:20PM

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  • Posted by Vharding March 05, 2023 at 10:33

    Females health needs to be a priority for NZ rather than a privilege only afforded by the wealthy.
    Period products need to be free in schools including eco friendly versions such as period swimwear for families not able to afford them. No child should be disadvantaged due to costs of living.
  • Posted by health April 22, 2023 at 19:58

    Definitely ...reusable instead of the truckloads of pads being delivered to schools
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