I have been providing Basic Foot Care (toenails, corns, calluses, assessment, care planning, education regarding foot health etc) for over 25 years, as a Registered Nurse who initially trained as a Podiatry Assistant, and developed my skills through ongoing collaborative care with other Podiatrists.

I work closely with Foot Canada, who provides the training for Canadian Foot Care Nurses. We mentor and support each other, and I have helped them update their courses and their text book - due out October 2023.

I have established 15 Community Foot Care Clinics in Canterbury, and trained 7 nurses to run them. I provide co-ordination of appointments and services, and support and supervision to these nurses.

I helped facilitate a Foot Care Forum in Nelson last year, and spoke at it. I initiated a working group to develop Foot Care Education for Registered Nurses, and Carers, in NZ. Foot Canada has given us access to their online learning, and we are currently developing a Clinical Training Framework.

Why the contribution is important

Both myself, and my Canadian Collegues, feel very strongly that regular professional foot care is an important part of the Personal Care that all nurses are responsible for, in various ways. Lack of it is causing un-necessary amputations and health care costs to governments, and much un-necessary suffering. We would like to see Basic Foot Care - even foot hygeine, toenail trimming, and comprehensive evaluation of feet, included in the NURSING CURRICULUM so that all nurses have this basic knowledge. Ayesha Verral acknowledges that Care Homes are paid to provide Personal Care, but do not provide foot care, when they should do. CARE HOMES ARE AUDITED, FOOT CARE SHOULD BE AUDITED. Because there is a shortage of Podiatrists, they favour the concept of Registered Nurses providing Basic Foot Care, leaving the Podiatrists free to provide Advanced Foot Care. Many Foot Care Nurses work in collaboration with Podiatrists, GP's, NP's, and other Health Providers. We want to see this need acknowledged by the new Health System of Integrated Care and Comprehensive Care Teams. Our population is aging; our Maori, Pacific, and Diabetes peoples urgently need accessable Foot Care.

We also favour Foot Health being addressed by Care Workers, who can call on a Foot Care Nurse for support. Foot Canada has an online course for them too. Lets save legs and ease suffering! Thankyou.

by hjwoods on March 14, 2023 at 08:36PM

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