Education =income =health therefore we have to redistribute the wealth in Aotearoa

Kia Ora 

I have been in health for 55 years now and am still teaching post graduate students how to work with people living with long-term conditions .  The burden of these is not shared  equally and the outcomes are well evidenced and unacceptable . There are so many fronts to work on to address inequity and racism but one of the key strategies has to include a redistribution of wealth and power. ( Capital gains tax ) 

I am heartened at the reforms and optimisitc they will be the difference,  however I have some concerns at the outcomes being currently measured because their focus still seems  to lack a clear population approach.

The current health care system does not serve people with long term conditoons well . Specialistation, fragmentation, a system that prioritises volumes and not relationships , the application of rigid single disease protocols which do not focus on " what matters to the client " , and six to 15 minute consultations do not serve our people well. Our language of DNA , " non compliant " , Frequent flyers , failed discharge, Hard to reach , Vaccine hesitant etc all locate the problem in the client when in actual fact they are system issues we have to  codesign services to meet the real needs of people.... which I am hopeful the reforms will do. Te Pae Tata sets out the way forward and if the voices of the peopple are really heard I am sure the system will and can change . Our workforce want to provide person centred collaborative coorinated care but surrently the system makes that impossible  


Why the contribution is important

It we don't tackle the causes of inequity such as colonisation, racism , and  neoliberalism then we are just tinkering or shifting the deck chairs on the titanic . As Heather Came says ... some things just need a memo to change today!!!! 

by mcar047 on January 11, 2023 at 11:21AM

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  • Posted by KimPasley January 27, 2023 at 22:50

    As a GP, the primary care system is designed for acute problems and those with a reasonable income. I find it impossible to work in the current system and provide quality whole person health care to low socio economic patients and Maori, many traumatised by the effects of colonisation/racism with very poor complex health needs and well being. Tragic
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