Collect Data on Disabled People

Collect data on Disabled People using health services so that you can provide more equitable health solutions for us. For too long the excuse for doing nothing is "we have no data on your community". Well you need to change that.

Why the contribution is important

This is covered under Te Pae Tata (The Interim Health Plan 2022). Disabled people are for the first time a priority population. And it is also your obligation un the UNCRPD. Article 25 on Health is copied below.

States Parties (NZ is a state signed up to the UN Convention) recognise that disabled people have the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health without discrimination on the basis of disability. States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to ensure access for disabled people to health services that are gender-sensitive, including health-related rehabilitation. In particular, States Parties shall:

a) Provide disabled people with the same range, quality and standard of free or affordable health care and programmes as provided to other persons, including in the area of sexual and reproductive health and population-based public health programmes;

b) Provide those health services needed by disabled people specifically because of their disabilities, including early identification and intervention as appropriate, and services designed to minimize and prevent further disabilities, including among children and older persons;

c) Provide these health services as close as possible to people’s own communities, including in rural areas;

d) Require health professionals to provide care of the same quality to disabled people as to others, including on the basis of free and informed consent by, inter alia, raising awareness of the human rights, dignity, autonomy and needs of persons with disabilities through training and the promulgation of ethical standards for public and private health care;

e) Prohibit discrimination against disabled people in the provision of health insurance, and life insurance where such insurance is permitted by national law, which shall be provided in a fair and reasonable manner;

f) Prevent discriminatory denial of health care or health services or food and fluids on the basis of disability.

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  • Posted by hjwoods March 14, 2023 at 20:50

    Universal Design for Accommodation should be compulsory in some way, because there is nowhere near enough suitable housing for physically disabled people. If accommodation is designed to accommodate wheelchairs, able bodied people can use them too. It makes sense!

    And Transportable Homes provide versatile, warm, affordable accommodation. There are many manufacturers out there, some prepared to use Universal Designs. These homes are very durable and popular, and if more parks were developed to accommodate them this creates a healthy, vibrant, community. I consider this to be a very important health issue too.
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