Bra Fittings at Breast Screenings

Kia ora.  I am not a small woman and I have never been for a bra fitting which may be contributing to other issues that I have with posture and walking.  I have always been embarassed by my body and was thinking about this when I last had my breast screening. The nurse was so lovely with no judgment and I thought that it would be great if whilst i was there someone could just say to me, a better size bra for you would be XX.  Anyway, if this was a service afforded at the breast screening place maybe it would solve some other issues for women.

Why the contribution is important

I think that if we can get people into the right clothes it would improve their confidence and posture and maybe stave off other health issues like breathing difficulties or hunched backs.

My mum just bought the cheapest bra that she could afford because she wanted to save money for the rest of the family.  I think that because of this, she was in alot more pain than she needed to be.

Im going to try and drive this initiative through the womens network at my job and through the pasifika network in Hamilton because i think that this is quite achievable and would impact every woman who attended a breast screening.

Thank you.

by matengn on December 23, 2022 at 09:49AM

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  • Posted by health April 22, 2023 at 20:03

    This could even be achieved with a well designed poster or flyer.
    Very important to have a proper fit that does not cut off the lymph system .
    Also important to go without a bra as often as possible to reduce blockage of the lymph.
    Some research suggests tight bras and wearing at night can contribute to breast cancer
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