10 to 15 minutes for a consultation is not enough

The 10 or 15-minute should be removed from the practices.

It is more about the number of patients they can see in one day, than the quality of the consultation. Additionally, if you enquire about more than two things, even if it is only for a referral to the lab to check your thyroid, a rash on your arm and a lump on your wrist, they charge you the price of 2 appointments, because you asked too many questions or have one too many things to talk to your doctor.

Increase the time limit to 30 minutes at least and forget about charging you double for going to see the Dr.


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 The current system can backfire, especially for people of different cultures, this could be weird, intimidating, expensive, and unreasonable, and prevent them from even going to see the Doctor.

by mercedeswalkham on December 20, 2022 at 04:31PM

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  • Posted by BetterHealth February 10, 2023 at 11:06

    Brief 10-15 minute GP appointments are unhelpful for complex, systemic and/or rare health issues. Notices in waiting rooms now tell patients that no more than two symptoms may be discussed per appointment. This indicates a complete lack of understanding of complex/systemic/rare health disorders as many symptoms are linked and cannot be considered in isolation. There needs to be a better system for diagnosis. GP visits are fine for treatment once a diagnosis has been made but trying to get to a rare diagnosis in the current siloed system is near impossible and currently a waste of resource as patients bounce around the medical community having brief appointments that don't allow Drs to 'join the dots'.
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