Requisites of a healthy family (Whanau)

A healthy family is a basic unit of society, where the family members or whanau feel secure, loved respected, and supported. Members are able to freely express their feelings and opinions without judgment, prejudices and hesitations.  They also work together to achieve common goals, sharing similar values and lifelong commitment. However, it needs to recognize individual boundaries and promote personal growth and development.

There are several components that would impact the health and well-being of people. These include diet, exercise, healthcare access, financial stability, social services, and stress management skills . To feel well family members can engage in any activities to promote physical and mental well-being while giving relevance to recreational activities, sleep and rest, and activities that are enjoyable to contribute to good quality of life.

Why the contribution is important

It is essential that the family members should be reminded about the requisites or importance of a healthy, loving, and supportive family to have a positive and nurturing relationship.

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