Nutrition education in schools

Sufficient nutrition education, and access to nutritionists and  so that young people know what foods helps them thrive, can prepare that food, explore healthy food choices, and feel the benefits for themselves.

I was taught about the food pyramid, but that isn't enough. It doesn't:

- help us understand what the nutrients in food do

- help us understand portion size

- help us feel what satiety looks like, or what the minor discomfort of healthy hunger looks like

- address the changing requirements across different the phases of our lives, or exercise

- help us understand when we are trying to solve non-nutrition problems with food

- help us understand how to buy, store, prepare and serve food for enjoyment and nutrition

Selling chemistry set dregs as food  

Why the contribution is important

We shouldn't have to find a way to pay private nutritionists, or study for a bachelor's degree in nutrition to understand the optimal nutrition for our bodies, have felt the difference it makes, and be willing and able to do that for ourselves.

Clean water and kai is preventative medicine and a joy. We must value that, rather than setting up massive health systems at the bottom of the obesity and unwellness cliffs that maintain semi-comfortable unwellness instead of giving the body the right ingredients to heal and thrive

by healthy on April 20, 2023 at 02:59PM

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