Managing conflict in healthy ways

Coach people how to handle potential or actual conflict in healthy, constructive ways, so that they can regulate their emotions and attitudes and respond as an adult and don't feel they need to resort to silence or violence. Crucial Conversations is a great reference

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A lot of mental and physical health issues could be addressed by coaching people to create safe spaces for healthy conflict and resolution

by healthy on April 20, 2023 at 03:09PM

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  • Posted by L3tzRol April 23, 2023 at 18:04

    She can have self strategies on how to cope with stress and how to let out stress before it becomes a problem, but how does she cope when triggers are in her home with the people who live there.

    Where are the supports for people who own their own home and their rights to have a stress free environment…

    Year 2000 diagnosed with bipolar, 2015 has been off medication and now as of 2 weeks ago under Section 13 of the Health Act because she’s breaking relationships and wants to live by herself in her home.

    Her family members are verbally abusing her and have taken control of her home where they say she is a threat to herself and her grandchildren… they have been waiting for her to fall and to become depressed where she would need drugs to bring her back (whatever that means)

    Help me understand how to help all family members…

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