First 1000 days for mum and baby

All the research shows that if baby's first 1000 days go well, they are set on a good life path and hav the best chance of growing up healthy and resilient.

to make this happen we need to significantly increase the support for ALL new mums (not just low socio ones) and propritise the wellbeing of them and their whanau. Within a decade this could make a huge impact throughout the health and education systems, and in 2 decades the justice system as well.

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Setting babies up to be healthy and resilient is the best gift we can give our children

by Bware on March 25, 2023 at 08:02AM

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  • Posted by Heather April 09, 2023 at 14:08

    I agree. The first 1000 days are vital. Parents need to know how to look after their babies in a safe environment. Mums need to have breastfeeding sorted and better education re how to look after their babies before leaving hospital with them.
  • Posted by healthy April 20, 2023 at 14:45

    Agree. To define this better, I suggest that the support include focus on ensuring that there is a primary carer that is educated and cared for, so that person can maximise the benefits of the dyadic relationship. For us, this looks like:
    - shared care so that the primary carer can get sufficient sleep, time to recharge their batteries
    - dietary and nutrition support so the primary carer can learn and ideally become self-sufficient to eat a complete nutrient profile at healthy doses
    - longer parental leave, with financial support
    - access to resources and training
    - warm, dry, stable housing situation
    - support for recovery after birthing
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