Eating disorder

This service is lacking greatly in the mental health side of the recovery. 
The sooner a person is diagnosed and treated the better the recovery. 
To get diagnosed is hard enough and then to get help is even harder. 
Once you get into the system the patient is often medically unstable. This alone should not happen, but it is the only way to get help. 
There needs to be a two way approach, 1st Re feeding, which is generally done well, but 2nd there needs to be mental health strategies in place for the patients to help them cope with the overwhelming voice that has become the driving force. 
Anorexia is the largest killer in mental health and the approach that the health system is taking is simply not effective, a waste of resources for a round-about fix. It is devastating for the patients and their families, after the first admission, to know that to be admitted again you have to be hospitalised first.
The service provides a band- aid, a short term fix. 
There needs to be a better way to make sure patients don't have to be so medically unstable to access help, and to make patients feel that they going able to recover control of their lives 

Why the contribution is important

Eating disorders go undiagnosed and are long lasting. 
They are the leading causes of death in the mental health sector. 
They current system need more therapist and method for dealing with patients in this field, GP need diagnosis sooner and the wait for treatment (therapy) needs to start much earlier, preferably so that your loved one doesn't need to be re-feed. 

by ppekiwi on March 13, 2023 at 02:44PM

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