Child to parent violence

MoH need to work in partnership with other agencies to develop services that respond to child to parent violence.  

Child to parent violence is ignored, minimised and parents are blamed due to lack of professional training and education and awareness.

Often it can be due to the child having unmet disability needs.


Why the contribution is important

Currently there is nothing for parents raising a violent child.  We were told that if we were to be believed we had to call 111 everytime we were threatened.  We did this so many times.  Our family was flagged all the time at mulit disciplinary family violence teams meetings and no one did anything as there was nothing out there to support families like ours.  Raising a child with high and complex needs whose disability (FASD) meant that their brain injury led to significant family harm events most days.

If this happened to us it is happening to many families across NZ.  


by Loobylou on April 24, 2023 at 11:39AM

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