stable climate, clean air, adequate water, sanitation and hygiene maintaineance

The degradation of the environment the air, the food, the water and the ecosystems is responsible for most of the diseases that occur in the environment. Environment degradation is costly. stable climate has allowed humanity to flourish. extreme climate events like floods, storms, and droughts are becoming more common. reducing energy-related emissions, use of more renewable energy. use of public transport, if somebody owns a car, it should be electric and work in comfortable, energy-efficient offices. to reduce pressures on ecosystems and enchance their carbon sequestration capaciblities, changes would also be necessary in agriculture and forestry, such as preventing deforestation and restoring natural ecosystems by reforestation.

Why the contribution is important

reducing energy demand is the another form of stable climate. stable climate has greater imapcts in individual health. it help to flourish the natural environments, animals as well as health of the human. easy access to water , clean air adequate water is only possible through the stable climate.

by bimala on March 08, 2023 at 12:13PM

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  • Posted by AngryofEketahuna March 15, 2023 at 18:02

    I'd like to see local energy production via solar on all housing, water/wind production to small areas as appropriate. A move towards hydrogen use like Germany has. I'd like to see use of poisons for pest control minimised , with return to use of skilled hunters for the "big pests" re introduced.
    I'd like to see community food gardens in all settlements, and the introduction of gardening/preserving and other domestic skills reintroduced. Older people and those with these skills could be asked to share them with the community.
    Waste reduction in terms of packaging/textiles etc being a priority.
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