Respect for patients receiving care in and out of hospital stays.

Having received the worst hospital care of my entire life last year by more than 50% of the nursing staff on the ward (didn't listen to me, didn't acknowledge my input, my concerns or my complaints, left me in pain, filth, and disregarded for extended periods of time) and discovering that many of my clients and friends have also recently experienced the same whilst in hospital there clearly needs a drastic change in auditing quality care of patients while admitted into wards, and there needs to to be measurable outcomes and consequences for staff consistently not meeting those outcomes. 
No patient should be ignored to  lay in their own filth for 6 hours despite being told by the nursing staff repeatedly that they will come back soon and assist (fobbed off with deliberate lies); no patient should be ignored when they report a problem (blocked catheter for over 8 hours restoring in the most excruciating bladder pain); no patient should be refused pain medication 1 day after major  abdominal surgery (with no history whatsoever of addiction or medication abuse); and no patient should be told by the nursing staff " if you don't like it here then you can go home" following 4 days of no sleep because of all night cares for neighbouring patient with FULL overhead lights on, and FULL voices chit chatting and laughing all night long with the patients family members whilst completing cares. No patient should be released with ZERO wraparound  support services when they love spine and are unable to climb or descend stairs to access toilet and kitchen. I was left spine and bed bound for 3 days and nights with no food, water, toilet or bathing. I was given no medical equipment on my home (walkers, crutches, bathing stool etc) and no district nurses were booked for post operative wound care (which resulted in me having to return to hospital with a serious post operative infection)

Why the contribution is important

This is important because adequate health care is essential to recovery. Being respected and listened to can avoid costly ongoing medical issues and even death.

by sassyangelkiwi on March 24, 2023 at 12:04PM

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