Reduce light pollution to help human health and the environment

Better regulations are needed nationwide to stop lights (especially the new bright LED lights which have more blue light spectrum in them) spilling onto private properties and into people's windows. People should not have to get black out curtains to block out streetlights, light from LED billboards, and light from neighbouring homes/businesses using security lights.

Why the contribution is important

Exposure to artificial light at night has been linked to a variety of health disorders (coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer) through the circadian disruption mechanism as circadian rhythm is an important regulator of physiology and disease. 

Also, light pollution has a big effect on biodiversity as it harms many species of insects (e.g. moths, which are now known to be just as important as bees for pollinating plants). Birds are harmed too as lights can affect their circadian rhythm also. If our environment is not healthy then humans become unhealthy. Light pollution is the easiest form of pollution to prevent, and yet it is increasing a lot every year. 

Professor John Hearnshaw has submitted a petition to the New Zealand Parliament requesting new national legislation to reduce light pollution in order to minimize its impact on the ecological-biological systems adversely affecting biodiversity and health...

by kittykat on April 05, 2023 at 03:42PM

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