Improved care for parents post-partum

I find one baby is born the person who gave birth is forgotten. The post partum appointments are focused the baby and not on how the person is healing or whether interventions are needed to reduce postpartum depression.

I found I had to fight for care after 10 months of significant bleeding and pain.

 Parents do not always have the capacity to from the appropriate questions or ask for help. Sometimes when they do they are not heard.

Healthy parents are what's best for a baby.

I propose an appointment scheduled is made just for the pregnant person to talk to a specialist in woman's health to assess their physical and mental health in the the lead up and post birth.


Why the contribution is important

Parents are struggling and the pregnant person's health is not priorities leading unsave environments for babies and pregnant people who feel unsupported or who can be present for their baby. 

by Macer17 on April 25, 2023 at 09:32AM

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