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Menopause is still being treated with "surprise" from registered gps. Go for a walk, eat a healthy diet, get a good nights sleep...... are you kidding me? I can't sleep because of the burning heat from the "hot flushes "  my brain doesn't work in the day because I'm tired from not sleeping the night before and I have major brain fog/ confusion. I have severe abdominal pain around that time of the month even without bleeding. I am sick of being treated as a second rate whiny person when I just need help with this change in my life now. I'm 50 and still find it so distressing that I am consistently treated as a burden or annoyance when I visit my gp. They literally can't be bothered and when you bring up the topic of menopause they sigh. Outdated knowledge around treatment, lack of communication between medical providers, misconception about the risks of hormone deficiency on health and absence of follow-up care are ridiculous All of which can be improved with standardised and updated knowledge onsurgical menopause.” 


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I would like to be treated as a living breathing human being for once as above comments are upsetting but a real account of what happens when I see my gp. and what's the point. Is anyone going to make a change in the health system? Will anyone listen? At 50 years old I am devistated that there is still a stigma and discrimination against women that are trying so hard to work full time, be a fabulous mum, be an ok person, and in between I am fainting on the bathroom floor in pain, so tired I cannot function and pretending to be a ok when I'm not. Yes I've had a smear, yes I've told my gp all of the above, yes my gp checked her Fitbit for her steps while I was crying after having around 10 hours sleep over 3 days!

by luccabella on March 05, 2023 at 11:20AM

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  • Posted by Elemi March 06, 2023 at 11:12

    I went thru menopause in my 30s and there was no information.

    When I was doing my degree in Naturopathy in 2010 I was shocked to discover that there was little research that had been undertaken in regards to menopause and the areas I wanted to focus on (vaginally dryness and tearing due to loss of oestrogen), so I admit, I gave up in my journey in disgust.

    I'm now nearly 60 and my body is starting to behave like a woman in their 70s-80s. I want to see more assistance that isn't hormonal or prescription to help women function every day.
  • Posted by AngryofEketahuna March 15, 2023 at 18:06

    Menopause care definitely needs to be improved, and with choices of care pathway e.g not just HRT (or whatever it is called now) which just defers it, but supportive care that spans all the areas that can be impacted by menopause like sleep, intimacy, energy levels, aches/pains, brain fog!!!
  • Posted by Bware March 25, 2023 at 07:51

    I cannot believe i have to pay $50 a month for the HRT that keeps me sane and safe, and have to drive 60km each way to the pharmacy EVERY MONTH as there is a shortage of supply and I cannot get my 3-month prescription in one visit.
  • Posted by Backman April 16, 2023 at 09:18

    Having lived with and supported my wife thru menopause, along with its effects, I agree that there needs to be a major overhaul of this aspect of womans health. I believe (although I haven't looked into it - yet) there are other options to manage the symptoms and effects most women experience during their lifetime and that it is being restricted by the doctors being told what they is allowed to and not to do about it by their governing bodies and the restrictions on purchase and supply of appropriate pharmacuticals from Pharmac.
    Womans menopause also affects their family and friends so by improving their lot it improves the lot of their support systems.
    The other point is that there needs to be a better understanding of the simple causes of the symptoms of menopause and why some women are afflicted so greatly and others a lot less and "genetics" doesn't cut it for me!
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