Still waiting for a surgeon appointment

At the end of July last year I was told that I would have an appointment with my surgeon within 8 weeks. Nearly 8 months later (and numerous phone calls!!) I'm still waiting!! The communication has been non-existent from the hospital, and I have been fobbed off when I ring them. My mental health has suffered because of this (so add that to my list of ailments!!) and the sad thing is I'm not an isolated case. The health system needs:

• More workers and less management 

• Less talk and more action

• Funding going to the right places, to workers at the coal face, not wasted on consultants and managers

• Bonding doctors and nurses to work in the public sector for 5 years after they get out of medical school, in exchange for wiping their student loans

• Another medical school to train more doctors!! Waikato University wants to set one up so fund it!!

Some of us out here don't have the benefit of time to wait while this get sorted!! Bite the bullet and do it now!!!

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It's common sense

by rmkaire on March 10, 2023 at 03:38AM

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