Holistic care where metal and physical are considered in parallel

Telling people, especially children and women there pain is psychological and not putting supports in place are harmful for two reasons:

1. Lack of investigation into pain leads to misdiagnoses and unnecessary chronic pain, disability or death

2. Promotes distrust in the health care system because they are being dismissed and not heard so people avoid healthcare

I believe there is a better way where the physical and metal components can be assessed in parallel. 

There needs to be a holistic approach to health care where the physical and mental components are considered in every interaction. Remove stereotypical assessments and promote open-minded healthcare assessments. 

I wonder if there is a verbal assessment tools that can be used to help clinicians identify patients' blinds spots and help them (patients) identify the questions they want/need to ask to feel heard or satisfied with their care.


Why the contribution is important

Hopefully having a holistic approach will promote that our mental and physical health is connected and reduce the stima surrounding mental health. Healthy to me includes both my mental and physical health. I also hope this promotes a save healthcare system and reduces the number of people living in pain or fear.

by Macer17 on April 25, 2023 at 09:10AM

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