Disabled HDC so complaints about health workers are addressed

As I am no allowed to see a GP or have a medical centre, not allowed to phone Healthline - they hang up on.  Currently abused in care by being deprived of mental health services after I witnessed bullying in a psych ward where they drove another patient to suicide and made a complaint.  

I am allowed to go to A & E but they hate you if you should be going to a doctor and blame you if you say you not allowed to see one - for some reason people think this is something wrong I have done. 

My idea is disband the Health & Disability Commission, move all advocates into legal offices to support qualified lawyers and legal teams.  Take the gross injustices being perpetrated against disabled poor and abuse victimes into a real court, with real judges and actual justice being done.  Not all these kangaroo commissions, tribunals etc, full to the brim with elitist fascist extremists chosen by unelected government officials, who genuinely despise poor people and those asking for health care.

Thing is I bet they won't post this because I know the Ministry of Health is grossly corrupt.  They don't want to hear the inhuman suffering, abuse abuse victims are supposed to live in.  As soon as you say anything about it to a health profession they become insulting and abusive and want to drug and lock you up FOR SPOILING THEIR WONDERFUL FANTASY that everything in NZ is wonderful.  Laws are followed, everybody gets health care (except those who protest against violent fascists in government), justice done.  But none of that is true.  I live in the darklands of this neo-liberal free market nightmare of hell.  Where you already unwell and extremely stressed then the landlord puts your rent up $60/week, leaves you a note saying Happy New Year and a smiley face.  And WINZ say you will get no more money until you have less than $1198.12 in the bank.  My wood for winter costs $1250, which I save out of my $489/week - my rent is $420.  I have one flatmate that exploits me and doesn't pay his way, makes me do most of the work around the place, is an alcoholic and smokes and swears heavily, he is also a vocal athiest, so I can't ever say anything about my spirital beliefs.

WELLBEING is a nothing but a propaganda word for the evil people who persecuting us disabled abused poor people.  I wish I was dead every day, I self-harm, bulimic, suicidal ideation, chemist took my bloodpressure today 200/100 (or other way around). I read a document by Mental Health District Inspector last week that says I am a very bad person, I am a liar, all sorts of horrible things that aren't true.  But they are trying to cover up Nadine's suicide in Rangipapa in 2020 so they had to slander me.  I have never hurt anybody I am a good person, I know disability rights, I know how things should have been in there and how evil staff had become.  I don't lie (unless it is to stop being persecuted.)

You don't want feedback, you are all affluent people who hate poor people and anybody who says anything about how corrupted and evil soooooo many health workers have become.  Mostly those who are affluent and come through our university system!  That just HATE poor people and those govt drive to suicide, I had a doctor tell me if I was going to kill myself to do a good job.  I replied yes I would.  When I told my own brother how bad my life was - NOT MY DOING, HOUSING, FLATMATES DISCRIMINATION ETC - he told me to kill myself.  My mother made me send him an email apologising before I was allowed to go with rest of my family for Xmas.  I had only been out of abusive psych ward a few months and was heavily medicated.  THERE IS NO WELLBEING AND THERE NEVER WILL BE - THERE IS ALSO NO HOPE AND NEVER WILL BE.

You want my ideas about fixing something THAT CANNOT BE FIXED while our country is run under neo-liberal free market fascist extremism.  Once govt got rid of meaningful creative manufacturing jobs after 1980s REFORMS they had to find work and businesses for people to do, so they exploit and terrorise the poor so more jobs for talk BS workers, wellbeing workers and of course all those degrading charities full of bigots.  And try making a complaint about their services, they just as bad as you lot.

Sorry I am an artist and a write and very unwell, so just keep writing until I can get some services or someone to help me, or someone to support me going to police to report abuse in care and abuse in care now!  I don't need an advocate they are a neo-liberal extremist idea for poor people they refuse care to - in order to drive people towards Health Insurance - which is the goal.  


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Because abusing people then exploiting them IS ILLEGAL, advancing rich by harming poor IS ILLEGAL, making sure disabled and sick people don't get justice IS ILLEGAL

by ReFuSe on March 08, 2023 at 09:32PM

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