Vaccine exemptions for ME/CFS

Recognition of vaccine injury in ME/CFS population. Acknowledgement of and Access to extra help for debilitating injuries resulting from vaccine injury as ACC does not cover this population. Compensation for injuries caused to ME/CFS patients by vaccine and offer a simple vaccine exemption process from mandated vaccines for those with ME/CFS. 

Why the contribution is important

I am one of many hundreds of people living with ME/CFS who has a severe vaccine injury caused by vaccine mandates and lack of informed consent procedures. There has been no acknowledgement of or compensation made available to us as ACC refuses to accept those of us with a previous CFS health history and disability. This has created financial difficulties and increased stress affecting  mental and emotional health and well-being on top of the serious physical symptoms that have been severely exacerbated by multi-systemic spike protein damage to CNS and other major body organs and brain functions. 

by Vixen234 on April 05, 2023 at 07:26PM

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