Urgent Care Access

Urgent care needs 24/7 access, not just ED. It also needs to be free, like ED, so people are incentivised to seek free, appropriate care. Barriers for urgent care access are clear and Wellington only has 1 urgent care clinic and is at capacity. Let's be more strategic and streamlined with urgent care across Aotearoa.

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To improve urgent care outcomes and reduce unnecessary ED congestion.

by olivertay18 on April 26, 2023 at 02:32PM

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  • Posted by DHar April 26, 2023 at 20:51

    Urgent care is key I feel to free up the large wait times, the sometimes temporary media warnings of hospital ED under pressure, what this brings to the Hospital settings is unhappy whanau and overwhelmed and under educated staff to deal with potential de escalating situations. It's can be very stressful which then has the potential for hospital staff to under deliver in their patient care. All NZ Eds should have a free transport (if needed) free care transfere system in place to send non urgent care to other Emergency clinics. EACH MAIN city in NZ should have at least two to three Emergebcy clinics depending on the population and for the likes of rural whanau that like more then 30-40 minutes away should have a on call GP practice to support potential urgent care patients what that looks like is the question.
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