Training on EDs and stigmatised mental health conditions

Our public mental health services do not know enough about many mental health issues. I have experienced CAFS not knowing anything about how to treat eating disorsers and eventually being discharged from their service because they "didn't know what to do with me", even though I was still struggling severely. I also have since been diagnosed with several other conditions that they never even considered me having. I have severe trauma and whilst I know I said things that would have indicated this they never looked into it and I was never allowed to talk about how I felt. Mental Health workers need to be trauma informed, they need to be educated about personality disorders, eating disorders, dissociative disorders, psychosis and schizospec disorders. They need to actually work with and listen to their patients.

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Being treated poorly by mental health care workers defeats the point of seeing them. It worsens your mental health.

by sammyp on April 07, 2023 at 01:52PM

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  • Posted by maddisonfaith April 24, 2023 at 17:21

    Yes, absolutely! I have recently had negative experience with the healthcare system surrounding mental health and the effect on physical health. I've been experiencing extreme fatigue and faintness and depression and have been open about this with my GPs and other healthcare professionals and yet nothing ever seems to come of it. I've been trying to figure out what is causing all these borderline debilitating health problems for me and have regularly been visiting mine and other GPs about it. I've been asked about my eating habits by GPs that would suggest I may be struggling with an eating disorder or depression, but when I openly and honestly answer the questions and agree that it may be the cause, still, nothing comes of it. They have only ever implied about a cause, and never been direct or consistant with me. On top of the inconsistency and lack of validation, no action has been taken to aid my symptoms or condition. I feel that I'm not being listened to or am being stereotyped as a teenage girl and am not being taken seriously by healthcare professionals. It's really damaging and frustrating to consistently be let down after building up the courage to speak up and ask for help, and I'm beginning to feel hopeless. Healthcare professionals, especially GPs, need to be more persistant when it comes to mental health and listening to their patients.
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