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It could be efficient to have everyone go through a quick Telehealth screening and then bring in people needing a physical exam, to save those physical clinic spots from being wasted on something that can be done over the phone. This would work well in a region where there are very few GPs per capita. The local GPs could do all the physical exams and say GPs living in Auckland (or anywhere with a more plentiful GP supply) could do all the online ones.

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GPS are scarce in certain regions, they need to be freed up where possible to see those who need to be seen in person. 

by Concerned123 on April 13, 2023 at 10:28PM

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  • Posted by Jenny13 April 15, 2023 at 08:19

    I'm a GP.
    We do lots of telehealth consultations.
    They work fairly well.
    We still need to see people in the flesh at times. I would guess about half the time.
    I dont find that they are much quicker than a face to face consultation.
    The waiting room would be less full, and it might be nicer waiting at home for a call than in a packed waiting room.
    And it would save on the monetary and environmental costs of travelling to appointments.
    But using remote doctors or nurses who don't have a relationship with the patients is less effective than using a local health provider who knows the patient well.
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