Re apply for current jobs - Managerial levels

Despite the current name changes that occurred, it is same old, same old!! To affectly have change, new ideas, new pathways and streamlining services needs to occur. Hospitals are top heavy in exectutives doing "busywork".  Unfortunately this results in their signiture being utelised to rubber stamp complaints.  They are not truly aware of the real concern s that are out there. The middle line of management are a layer of padding that syphons informatiomn. Members of the public raise concerns, not just to complain, but to highligh an issue or concern.  There is a stock standard reply of acknowledgement with assurances something will be looked inot.  Follwed up within the required timeframe stating sorry this was your experience, issue looked into, people spoken with, we would be happy to meet in person.  Four weeks later, over 10 phone calls, and still waiting for a call back or appointment. 

Upper Management state they are changing etc, but while they may change, the significant number of middle management do not.

Why the contribution is important

To effectively bring about system transformation and devlop new ways forward, each person needs to show they are on board.  With the requirement for ALL to apply for their jobs this will be highlighted, and infact may cause the discovery of hidden talents, ideas and soultions that had not previously been considered. 

by Pene on April 26, 2023 at 12:52PM

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