rainbow diversity training

having recently completed healthcare assistant training there were large sections on  cultural diversity training but nothing on how to deal with the rainbow community especially in relation to trans and non binary and intersex community members it would be well worthwhile this being delivred be a external agency with experience in the lgbtqqia2+ community

Why the contribution is important

Given the increased visability of our community we are now presenting to ed, hospital and residential care in larger numbers and more importantly as our authentic selves.

staff need to be aware that we are people just like any other and are not a curosity or a teaching tool especaialy the intersex community.

training will also reinforce that we are to be afforded the same level of respect as any other patient.

by paula on March 13, 2023 at 09:07AM

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  • Posted by Kiera82 March 14, 2023 at 00:32

    Agreed, as a trans person myself having to push for the ability to be able to use meds I'd like to use (estradiol valerate injections) at doses I feel comfortable using (4mg 2xwk) and not having to use other meds I do not want to use due to their side effects (cyproterone acetate/spironolactone) or other issues I have with them (estradot patches not sticking properly and giving me rashes as well as adhesive gunk/pills not giving me enough estrogen to be able to have proper monotherapy...), As well as being allowed to choose progesterone since it's funded for gaht...

    Also, how docs don't see that we as human beings all need balanced hormones in our systems, trans women for example need the same as cis women, a bit of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen, not just estrogen and a totally zonked testosterone level...

    As for informed consent to get meds, don't get me started on that, will have to haul te whatu ora off to court on that one pretty soon! HDC/Ministry of health, WPATH, PATHA, national guidelines all allow and use informed consent over the old outdated pathology way of a psych assessment...that old way kills people since it creates barriers to care which are not allowed by the MoH,

    Our human rights are being trampled on,enough is enough.
  • Posted by burgermusic March 14, 2023 at 20:18

    I agree people have the right to live how they want to live but why should you expect the health system to pay to transform your body because you are not happy with it the way it is? Should the system pay for someone to have lipo suction because they don't like their body size? Or for someone to have a penis enlargement because they feel insecure about their manhood? Boob implants? Public health money might be better spent on helping people feel better about the body they were born in instead. No ones human rights are being trampled on. You still have the right to change your body. But you shouldn't expect everyone else to pay for it.
  • Posted by AceTimelord March 14, 2023 at 23:54

    Yes! Honestly, I have the privilege of being able to hide who I am, and not disclose to healthcare services, because I am nonbinary and genderfluid, and don't need transition care. But it would be so nice to just be open and respected for who I am in healthcare settings, but honestly, its not worth the fight and the risk for me, because, like I say, I can hide it, and I have a bunch of disabilities and don't wanna risk my care for them.
    I still nearly got denied my ADHD meds because I had disclosed my gender to my psychiatrist, and it didn't match the one my GP had on record.
    As for the comment directly before mine, thank you for demonstrating so succintly, strongly, and persuasively exactly why this training is needed, and why it is essential that transgender people's human rights are upheld, and championed. You absolutely proved a point, just not the one I imagine you intended to.
    As for sexuality training, also yes! I disclosed I was asexual to my doctor, as part of explaining why I didn't need a specific test.
    She then started quizzing me, as if she were trying to 'diagnose' me as asexual ( which to be clear is my sexuality, not a disorder), I kid you not, the first question (which had nothing to do with the test in question), was whether or not I masturbate. And then, when I answered, she had follow up questions.
    Many, many doctors have no idea how to deal with an adult who is not sexually active, even down to what tests are needed, I've had to tell them, to look it up in their database, after arguing on and on with me that of course I need the test, and they've finally looked it up and been like "Oh wow, it says you don't actually need this test!"
    I remember another doctor who was like "Oh okay, you're asexual and sex-repulsed. You're right, you don't need this test because you haven't been sexually active yet. But I'll leave the test on your file, to check again next year."
    Me: "What, why?"
    Her: "Well a lot can happen in a year".
    At which I admit turning straight to her and asking if she really thought it was that likely I'd be assaulted?
    Which honestly, was the implication, that either my sexuality was so un-valid that it would change in a year (yes, sexuality can be fluid, but mine had been, and has remained, stable for my entire life since I was old enough to have one, and no one assumes their straight patients will just stop being straight next month)
    Not all asexuals don't have sex, or are sex repulsed, but in my case I am sex repulsed, and have made the fact I don't intend to have sex very very clear.
    And don't get me started on the "But how can you be so certain you aren't pregnant if you haven't taken a pregnancy test" question, when going to get any test ever.

  • Posted by listay1 March 29, 2023 at 15:33

    Burgermusic I strongly disagree, I had a "nosejob" cosmetic surgery done when I was 7, because I broke it. It wasn't to make it straight and pretty; it was done so I could breathe! ACC funded it because it broke as the result of an accident (I was a child, playing in a place where I shouldn't have been).

    Some of the surgeries you suggested don't make any sense, you do realise that some surgeries are publicly funded for things like stomach stapling, insetting feeding lines etc. To help people live their life.

    Breast augmentation and penis enlargement surgeries generally aren't publicly funded.
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