Needs assessed disability assessment

Disability support is currently needs assessed. However some people do not qualify for support as they do not have a condition which is defined by Ministry of Health as a disability, such as people with ME/CFS. Please change the definition of disability to be based on need, rather than a diagnosis. This also enables support for people and their families who have disability but no diagnosis yet.

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It promotes equity of access to health and support services

by hs on March 30, 2023 at 09:10AM

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  • Posted by Drum5656 April 01, 2023 at 22:06

    Absolutely agree. Many diseases cause a wide range in severity of disability in sufferers, and if you have a severe form of a disease that is not on the official list of disabilites, you may be greatly in need of support and far more disabled than other people who have a moderate form of a disease that is on the list.
    This is inequitable and dangerous.
    If you are disabled to the extent that you cannot live independently, you should be assessed as disabled, and offered the appropriate support.
    Many people suffering from ME/CFS, Long Covid and other auto-immune diseases are far more disabled than say a paraplegic or amputee, but they get no assistance at all because their disease isn't on the list.
  • Posted by LeanneME April 02, 2023 at 08:14

    Totally agree, eligibility for assessment and support services must be needs based and not limited to the current 'approved list of diagnosis' Whaikaha uses, with other disabling conditions get much less (if anything at all) under LTS-CHC funding. This is an equity issue that Te Whatu Ora needs to address.
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