Medical care for small communities

Have regular doctor's hours in remote communities with home visits and many more full time community nurses in small towns.

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I live on the West Coast on the South Island. To see the same doctor each time is almost impossible. I have a nurse practitioner who has stayed around. If I want to see her I have to book a month in advance. 

Our school dental nurse has recently retired and hasn't been replaced. I am the principal of a small school fairly close to Greymouth. I know that many of my children won't get to a dentist now because of poverty. Most of the parents at my school work long hours for minimum wage. They can't afford extra trips into town.

There is no regular bus service on the West Coast so anyone without a car struggles to get to main centres. Some more remote towns, like Reefton, can go for months without any reliable medical care.

by trishyb on April 25, 2023 at 08:10PM

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