Improved and Efficient Communication (no more snail mail)

Every single time I get referred to public health, I receive appointment cards or requests for more information before being given an appointment time, BY MAIL. This is such an incredible waste of time, especially when people are in pain and waiting. All appointments and communications should be made by phone call and email. This will cut down on so much unnecessary waiting! 

Not to mention the utter lack of communication once you have left the GP office. Has the referral been sent? Has the referral been received? When you receive an appt card for XYZ when you actually expecting to hear from ABC, are you to assume that this was intentional, or is it a mistake? There is not enough information being provided to patients! 

Why the contribution is important

This idea is important because too much time is being wasted on waiting, when so many people are in pain. Not to mention the amount of wasted energy in patients having to do administration work to find out more information about their own case, this should be explained and provided by default. 

by rlgrulke on April 21, 2023 at 12:31PM

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